UX Workflow

The foundation


During the research/analysis stage it is essential to discover the users’ pains and needs.  This will be the foundation for the following stages. Therefore this stage must not be skipped or neglected.


The prototyping stage is used to design concepts that will be tested with users. Those prototypes are built with different fidelities to save time and money while creating a concept that actually works.


During the design stage the visual appearance of the solution based on the users’ needs is created. Design, however, is not just the visualisation of texts, buttons and images but also animations, packaging, marketing, ...


Once the design is made as well and was accepted by the users, the solution gets implemented in the implementation stage and is prepared for its launch.


The fifth and last stage is the evaluation of the concept. This stage is used to check if your solution is as good as possible. If that is not the case we need to go back some stages.  If, however, the solution fits the users' needs, it is time to celebrate!

Why UXC?

The UX consultancy team sees themselves as problem solvers. It is our purpose to make your company jump ahead with the solutions you provide due the user centered design approach and the high UX as a result of it.

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