UX Globals

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UX Agenzy

The moment your company does not only need a consultancy but also the implementation of a project our UX Agenzy spelled with a z can help you out. 

UX Education

The UX Education platform offers everything that might be relevant to UX designers and their daily tasks. 

UX Globals Podcast

Every morning a new episode of the UX Globals Podcast will air. The information provided can be divided into news in the UX industry, one educational session per episode and entrepreneurship guidance. 

UX Marketplace

Assets needed by every UX designer are provided on our UX Marketplace. We share multiple simpler assets like images, icons and other graphics but also more advances assets like UI-kits and important checklists that are useful for the user centred design approach. 

Why UXC?

The UX consultancy team sees themselves as problem solvers. It is our purpose to make your company jump ahead with the solutions you provide due the user centered design approach and the high UX as a result of it.

UXC representing the ux consultancy logo