The Mission

What we are made for

User Experience

The mission of the UX Consultancy is to make UX the number one reason for the success or miss-success of a solution by providing proper guidance of solution-makers of any kind.


The foundation for every awesome user experience is a strong usability which can only be created by involving users into the solution creation process from the beginning on.

Our clients

On the one hand, we want to create awesome solutions for our clients so every business can create systems with a high user experience and a high customer satisfaction.

UX designers

On the other hand we want to make it possible for other UX designers to work as productive as possible. Therefore we develop a marketplace especially useful for UX designers, a UX Education platform and the UX Globals Podcast.

Why UXC?

The UX consultancy team sees themselves as problem solvers. It is our purpose to make your company jump ahead with the solutions you provide due the user centered design approach and the high UX as a result of it.

UXC representing the ux consultancy logo