What we can

UX Research

A proper analysis with a user centred background is essential for the success of your solution. Therefore we would like to support you during this phase of the project by creating persona, doing user interviews, usability testing and generally finding out more about the users' needs and pain points with today's solutions.

UI Prototyping

If you need support for creating your information architecture, interaction concept, wireframes or with the content mapping we will give you a helping hand at any time. 

UI Design

Once the concept is finalised and it is time to create the visual design our designers can not wait to get started with your project. 

UX Evaluation

After creating prototypes it is time to evaluate the system. The same goes for the design. This is a very critical part in the project as you will get to know if it is time to launch the product or do another loop of prototyping and improving the concept. 

UX Training 

To make UX more relevant in your company we would love to educate your co-workers on the topic of UX and do some awesome workshops together with them. Find out more about our coachings.

Why UXC?

The UX consultancy team sees themselves as problem solvers. It is our purpose to make your company jump ahead with the solutions you provide due the user centered design approach and the high UX as a result of it.

UXC representing the ux consultancy logo